Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Ellora Caves, a series in Photos

At first, all you see are the cut outs of the unfinished caves

This is the scholars' space for the monks to study while they lived here in Ellora and practiced the Buddhist tradition. Once upon a time, these spaces were lit, painted, and filled with leathers, silks, cushions and books. The stone in the middle was where books were stored. 

The Entrance to the main Buddhist Temple


The dormitories for young monks (kinda like Saybrook? ...just kidding)

Stone figures inside of the Dormatories

Ellora's breath-taking temples. These were carved out of the stone from the top down. Look at the people in the image for an understanding of scale, though this still doesnt show how far down these temples go. 

A bad demon being spanked by Shiva (I'm pretty sure that was the story here) and a monk

Inside those temples...

Ellora's temple space from the ground level

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