Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soho in the Snow.

I spent the first piece of breaking writing. Writing and writing and writing. What? Well, a little bit of thesis, a few columns on feminist branding (... and how it needs to change a little bit), questions for Warren Buffett (I was in Omaha yesterday for a quick Q&A session before I came back to New York), some emails... really everything. But sometimes that is the most fulfilling. Just having time to get everything out of my head and down somewhere that it can stare back at me.

I woke up this morning to grey clouds and a little excitement. The weather had that heavy feeling just before it either snows or rains. I walked down 6th Avenue felt it.

Then, while I was walking through Greenwich Village, it started snowing. Light clumps of clean white snow. Not the annoying kind that sticks to you. The whispering kind. it floated on without me.

I love wandering through cities on my own. It's nice to come up with a plan last minute, change directions and run with it. The snow had the same idea.

Well, time for me to run off and meet a friend at a poetry slam in Brooklyn.