Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Sound of Your Own Voice

It's kind of dreadful isnt it. At least, I am always shocked to see myself in a video and hear a recording of my voice. I usually just dont recognize it. Today I found many more of our student videos up on the TEDx youtube page... including my own talk from the TEDx Organizers session right before TEDActive.

I could feel my heart pounding just before my video finished loading on the deadly slow internet connection of my study space. I should be doing more Colombia work, and here I am watching TED videos. It's clearly summer time. I remember how nervous I was, how many times I practiced the talk with my head against the headrest of the chair in front on me on the flight from New York to Houston and then Houston to Palm Springs. The people next to me probably thought I was crazy, since my memorization technique is to repeat something quietly to myself with my eyes closed until I have it down. It feels best when the words come out like your breathe. With the substance nailed down, all you have to do is perform.

But the video loaded, and it was better than I expected. I'm still critical of many things -- words I would take out, I would speak more loudly (but that has often been something I would change about myself), and I would not have worn black in the hot desert sun right before the TEDActive hike... but we learn things in every episode of life, dont we?

In case you want to see it, here I am!

And please do watch some more serious talks from the TEDxYale 2012: A Twist of Fate conference. I am so proud of the work that they did!

Bob Casey - Recycling and Entrepreneurship
Vikram Mansharamani - Foxy Thinking
LaTisha Campbell - Activism and Social Justice
Matthew Claudel - Creativity and Design
Enrique Norten - Architecture and Open Communication
Sarah Parcak - Space Archaeology (2012 TED Fellow)
Priyamvada Natarajan - Dark Matter in our Universe
Wazhma Sadat - Voices fromAfghanistan
Sam Fox - Run While You Can
General Assembly's Matt Brimer and Brad Hargreaves - Failure
Rebecca Ringle - Live Performance
Keith Chen - Linguistics and Economics
Brad Rosen - Internet Privacy
Yael Zinkow - Our closer, on the perfect TED talk

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