Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just registered for TEDGlobal 2013 as an official participant! Very excited.

It was appropriate given today's theme:
I've been working on HATCH with Tiffany -- it means the morning was full of TED talks, articles and interesting spoken work pieces about integrity and inner strength.

I fully believe that certain things come to you when you need them most. What could be more appropriate than me writing a salon series and forcing myself to remember and reconsider my values as I go through the seemingly endless job search?

This reflection on value time has only grown in important for me at this particular stage in my life. And honestly, I hope that I never give it up. These pillars of values I hold close to me and define so much of what I do have added so much clarity to other aspects of my life.

It comes from afternoons of watching TED talks like Susan Cain's and Brene Brown's, reading Charlotte Beer's book about her experiences in the work force, laughing through the "How to Start a Movement" video... and remembering how much happened in the last year.

Here's to another year of understanding what I value enough to fight for it. I hope you find the same space in your own lives.

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