Monday, January 7, 2013

Current Status: Thesis. Hatch.

The pile of books around my feet, all open with notes in the margins and pens folded inside of the pages pretty much explain where my thoughts have been this December-January.

1. How Will You Measure Your Life? (Clayton Christensen)
2. I'd Rather Be in Charge (Charlotte Beers)
3. Swordfish: A true story of ambition, savagery and betrayal (David McClintick)
3. The Sicilian Mafia (Diego Gambetta)
4. Bio-degradable notebook
5. La Economia de los Paramilitares
6. Stealth of Nations (Robert Neuwirth)
7. How the Irish Became White (Ignatiev)
8. Cartel (Sylvia Longmire)
9. Gangland (Jerry Langton)
10. Illicit (Moises Naim)

I'm in every which place. But very happy. So many things to think about/read and do research for. I picked out my final class shopping schedule for Yale... and now here I am. Going through more research and theories and reaching that sweet spot in my thesis where I ACTUALLY WANT TO WRITE IT!!

I love being gloriously productive. It makes my life easier/happier :)

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