Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Time for Goodbyes.

I opened this tab and stared at a blank page for days. What on earth was I going to say about four years of adventure in 800 words for a Yale Daily News column? I wrote several drafts all playing with different ideas and tripping over my own words. What was I looking for? What was a single thread that I could tug and reproduce images in your head, just as they flashed through my own.

I love the feeling of words when they fit. But when they don't they are so painful and awkward to experience.

How do we say goodbye?

I don't think I do a good job with it. What are the options?
Long, drawn out and painful
bitterly sweet, quiet tears down cheek bones, never ending embraces
tequila infused dancing beneath tents in dewy courtyards until the sun comes up
promises to keep in touch (and actually meaning it... so it's not goodbye, but I'll see you later)
running out the door without a second glance
see you soon.
I love you.
Don't leave (but I have to.)
come visit me this weekend!

We all had some of these with the commencement ceremonies this past weekend. Deliciously mixed together in short whispers and promises promises promises and smiles fall on and off our faces.

Maybe I'm a little strange -- but there is something beautiful about goodbyes. This one wasn't sad for me. I was ready to go, I think. I will miss the community -- but I know that I will keep finding them in new places and seeing everyone do what they love most brings me joy. They will flourish and make their own rules. That is what I want for everyone.

So yes, it is a time for goodbye. The end of college, as a cycle for some of us. But... it's not really. Because I WILL see you later. Be sure of it :)

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