Monday, November 5, 2012

One Day to E Day

I woke up and my computer and phone pinged, letting me know that there is only one more day until the election. Thanks, I really wasnt sure when it was... haha

The number of emails calling for canvassers, volunteers, phone calls, last minute efforts has gone through the roof. I apologize to anyone whose emails I've read and forgotten to respond to. I am working the polling station for Yale students all day tomorrow and getting excited for it. I dont know how anyone will be able to sleep tonight.

My friends abroad keep emailing me and asking me what to expect tomorrow. Instead of working on some homework I need to turn in soon, I ended up predicting the states as follows (for the presidential election). Let's see how much of this I get right.

So. Today, make some calls. Tell your friends to turn out tomorrow. let's get out the vote!

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