Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Activities

Lesser known fact: yale turns into a summer camp a few, selected times each year.

One such instance of this is during hurricane shut downs. This is the first one in 30 years. So what are students doing in their two days off of classes and kept inside.

1. reading about WWII from a facebook perspective:

2. Watching movies

3. dartying (amusing, since the deans of colleges sent out emails requiring all students to be inside by 5:30 pm. Ours even included a "no parties" line in her email)

4. Seniors: writing thesis stuff

5. everyone else: actually doing the homework they needed to do over the break but never got to

6. me: editing my introduction to my thesis, finishing up work for an internship, and then starting a new research project on Bulgaria.

And charging everything I own before the lights go out.

Here we go, Sandy!

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